• Q1) Can anyone try out for cheerleading?

    Yes! Anyone, regardless of gender, can try out to become a Kenmore East Cheerleader.


    Q2) Do I have to know how to tumble?

    For prospective JV athletes, tumbling is not required. However, we highly encourage all athletes to begin working towards their standing back handspring.

    For prospective Varsity athletes, a round-off back handspring is the standard to make the team. However, athletes who exhibit exceptional skills in all other areas evaluated during tryouts (i.e., jumps, motions, cheer, dance, & stunting ability) will be considered for placement on our Varsity team.  


    Q3) What do I need to know to try out / what are cheerleading tryouts like?

    Our cheerleading tryouts are held on two consecutive days and attendance for BOTH days is mandatory in order to be considered for our teams:

    Day 1 (Learning Day) – Athletes will learn the tryout cheer & dance, proper jump & motion technique, basic stunting positions/technique, & will have the opportunity to show tumbling skills.

    Day 2 (Actual Tryout Day) – Athletes will be required to perform the tryout cheer & dance, jumps, & tumbling (typically in groups of two) in front of a panel of judges. In order to be eligible for tryouts, all of the required paperwork must be turned in & athletes must be medically cleared.

    All athletes that attend tryouts will be evaluated by a panel of judges that are completely independent of our Kenmore East Cheerleading program to ensure fair and unbias scoring across both new and returning athletes. We encourage all athletes considering cheerleading to attend and participate in tryouts, and our program welcomes all skill levels, whether that includes prior cheerleading experience or not.


    Q4) How can I prepare for tryouts?

    We recommend that all interested athletes attend our open practices, open workouts, & open tumbling sessions that are held throughout the off-season. During these practices, we teach fundamental skills that are expected / will be performed by all prospective athletes during their tryout performance.

    All off-season information can be found on our Instagram page (@kenmoreeastcheer). Please email KenmoreEastCheerleading@gmail.com for additional information.

    We encourage all interested athletes to stretch at home throughout the off-season & work on proper jump & motion techniques.


    Q5) How often do you practice / what is the time commitment?

    Fall (Football) Season (August - October): Both JV & Varsity teams will practice for two hours twice a week (at a minimum) and will attend a one-hour tumbling session once a week after practice. Each team will also cheer in all home & away Football games for their respective team, approximately once a week.

    Winter (Basketball) Season (November - February): Both JV & Varsity teams will practice for two hours twice a week (at a minimum) and will attend a one-hour tumbling session once a week after practice. Each team will also cheer in all home Basketball games for their respective team throughout the season; typically one game per week starting in December.

    ** Please note: Attendance is mandatory for all practices, games, & competitions throughout the season.

    Q6) When are competitions?

    Fall (Football) Season Competitions are typically held throughout October & into the first week of November.

    Winter (Basketball) Season – This is our highly-competitive season & requires an increased time commitment from all athletes as both JV & Varsity teams attend between 3-5 competitions throughout the season. Competitions begin at the end of January & are held throughout the end of February.

    Competition dates vary each season – some are held on weekday nights & others are held during the weekend in the morning / mid-afternoon.  

    ** A full calendar is provided to all athletes at the beginning of the season, and it is not recommended that you schedule any vacations during these times. 


    Q7) What are the costs associated with being a member of Kenmore East Cheerleading?

    All uniforms, pom poms, and necessary equipment are provided to each athlete by our Kenmore East Cheerleading program. The costs incurred by each athlete will vary each season, but all athletes are required to purchase the items listed on our seasonal order form, which is provided in advance to athletes considering trying out for our program.

    The order form includes our cheerleading warmups, practice t-shirts & shorts, cheer bow, sports bra, briefs, sneakers, socks, and optional backpack, and for the Fall season, includes the cost of our annual NCA Cheerleading Camp required for all athletes. 

    The initial cost for new Kenmore East cheerleaders in their first season will be the most expensive, but as athletes progress through our program, they will use the same warmups, sneakers, socks, sports bras, and briefs each year, and those items are not required to be repurchased unless desired. 

    Please email KenmoreEastCheerleading@gmail.com if you would like an example copy of our order form with estimated costs for the upcoming season.