• Kenmore West Varsity Hockey Player Expectations

    The following are the expectations of the coaching staff for any member of the Kenmore West Varsity Hockey Team. As a coaching staff we have very high expectations of each player and every player is responsible for his own actions. The following expectations are in place to make you a better person and to promote the image of our hockey program.

    ● Team success is our number one priority. All our efforts will be directed towards TEAM GOALS.

    ● Be coachable. Allow the coaching staff to make you a better player.

    ● Always accept your role on the team. If you don’t like it, work harder to change it.

    ● Playing time is earned. If a player/guardian questions playing time, the player needs to discuss it privately with the head coach. Just because you were a member of the team previously does not entitle you to an increased role on the team the next. Every year is a new year.

    ● Do not question the coaches at practice or during a game ever. Failure to adhere to this request will result in game ice time being lost. Continuous questioning of coaching decisions will result in loss of game ice time by either period benching or game suspension.

    ● Always pull/support your teammates. Criticism of teammates will not be tolerated. Any player who criticizes the play/effort of a teammate will endure a loss of ice time.

    ● Players will be on time to all practices, games, and meetings unless excused by the head coach. It is the player’s or their guardian’s responsibility to notify the head coach if a team activity is going to be missed. Notification can be either done by a message using Remind or by emailing the head coach at rroszak@ktufsd.org.

    ● Practice hard and at game tempo. Players should put forth their best effort and have a positive attitude. Any player who continuously messes around at practice will be subject from removal from practice or game benching.

    ● Any school discipline issue such as school detention, ISS, or OSS will result in minimum a period benching up to game suspension depending on the offense.

    ● There is limited cell phone usage in the locker room. Once the team goes out for pregame warmups, all cell phones should be put away until after the game. Any player caught in violation will get one verbal warning. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of game ice time.

    ● Players are to adhere to the game day dress code as determined by the team captains.

    If there is a continuous failure to adhere to the expectations of the coaching staff, multiple game suspension or dismissal from the team may result.

    All team members are responsible to adhere to all aspects of the Ken-Ton Interscholastic Code of Conduct. Included are the following………..

    ● To eligible for interscholastic sports a student must be passing a minimum of 4 classes plus Physical Education. If a student/athlete is declared ineligible there is the following consequence.

    A. The player is placed on a 7 day probation period where they may not play in games but they may practice.

    B. If after the 7 day probation period, the player is still not eligible the player will be dismissed from the team.

    C. Once being declared ineligible, it is the player’s responsibility to obtain a grade eligibility form from the assistant principal’s office. The student athlete needs to have all their teachers sign off with their current grade and return it to the secretary of the assistant principal.

    ● The use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, or any other drug will not be tolerated. Athletes must not attend any function where alcohol is being used by minors or where controlled substances are being used unlawfully by anyone. Any violation will not be accepted and will result in a district punishment.

    ● The hazing/bullying of any player will not be tolerated. If caught perpetrating these behaviors it will result in severe disciplinary action or dismissal from the team.

    ● Any inappropriate postings on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat will not be tolerated.

    Have fun, learn the game, it is a privilege to be a member of the Kenmore West Blue Devil hockey team. It is an honor to participate in varsity sports. Players are expected to represent their families, school, and community with dignity and class on and off the ice at all times.

    Be a leader and set a high standard for future Blue Devils to follow.

Last Modified on September 18, 2020