• Blue Devils



    Your participation on the Kenmore West Football Team shall be a part of your total educational experience. Participation on the Football team shall further develop cooperation, work ethic, loyalty, team spirit, physical fitness and skill development.

    The general health and safety of each participant is of prime importance. Therefore, this program of interscholastic athletics shall be conducted in an environment which is educationally sound and meaningful.


    As a member of the Kenmore West Football Team it will be your responsibility to read, know, and obey the following rules and schedule.



    1. Attendance is required at all practices. Schedule other activities and appointments (including doctors and dentist appointments) so that they do not interfere with practice sessions. A team sport such as football requires 100 % attendance at practice, for practice to be effective. There are no excused absences during training camp. Varsity athletes will be cut from the team if they miss a practice and JV players will be disciplined by their coaches.


    2. Injured players will attend practice even though are not physically able to participate in practice.


    3. IMPORTANT: Players who are too ill to participate in practice MUST notify their coach in person, or have a parent contact the coach. Do not have another player communicate to the coach for you and do not wait until you return to practice.


    4. Attend classes every day, pay attention in class, do your homework continuously and stay out of trouble in school. Besides making you a better student, it will free up your time after school to focus on football.


    5. Always be on time for practice and be early if possible. Always be ready to practice at least 15 minutes before scheduled practice. We want to start and finish practice on time.


    6. Players who continue to violate these team rules may be demoted, suspended or dismissed from the squad based on the following policies.


                Unexcused Absence

                            First time – suspension for part of game or whole game

                            Second time – dropped from the team


                Unexcused Tardiness

                            First two times – disciplinary action

                            Third time – suspension for part of a game or whole game

                            Fourth time – dropped from team


    7. Be courteous to officials, anything that needs to be said will be said by the coach.


    8. All uniforms and equipment issued by Kenmore West are the athlete’s responsibility. No equipment is to leave the locker room. Any lost or abused equipment or uniforms will be charged to the athlete. NO equipment is allowed to be modified in any way.


    9. All athletes must ride the bus to and from the games.


    10. All athletes must abstain from the use of any type of drugs... Any athlete found in violation of this rule, will be sent before a district board for athletes for disciplinary action. Most cases usually end up with a 4 week suspension and or possibly dismissal from the team.


    11. The Ken-Ton Schools no longer carry any type of insurance to cover the athletes. Therefore all medical bills incurred by athletes of the school district will be the responsibility of the athlete’s family.

Last Modified on November 1, 2012