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     School Rentals/Encore 
    Kenmore West High School
    Athletic Department 
     33 Highland Parkway 
    Buffalo, NY 14223 
    Contact Name: Marie Whitney
    Email Address: mwhitney@ktufsd.org
    Phone Number: 716-871-3096
    Hours: Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Please Note:
    Until further notice, the following standards apply for groups requesting District facilities.
    Recreation/Athletic Facilities: All groups will be required to include a written, proactive procedure which MUST include:
    1. actively encourage participants, coaches and spectators, who feel ill, to remain home
    2. actively encourage participants, coaches and spectators, who have recently been in close contact with an individual who has had COVID-19, to remain home
    3. ensure that appropriate social distancing standards are met for participants and spectators including seating arrangements for team benches, bleachers or dugouts.
    4. ensure that participants, including coaches, will be properly masked while seated
    5. each participant will have their own water bottle
    6. the organization will have hand sanitizer available at the bench area
    7. the organization will have cleaning solutions readily available to clean playing equipment; bats, helmets, balls et al between use. Equipment should not be shared.
    8. all participants use disinfectant wipes/hand sanitizer at the end of the activity

    *Requirements are subject to change based on state regulation and the COVID-19 pandemic

    *The District expects individuals and groups using our facilities to follow all Department of Health (Erie County and New York State) and CDC policies as it relates to COVID-19.
    The Ken-Ton School District will rent or lease facilities in district buildings to individuals or organizations. If you would like additional information about renting a classroom, community room, gym, pool, field, cafeteria or auditorium, on a daily, weekly or long-term basis, please call Marie Whitney at the phone number above.