1494     COLVIN BLVD


    (716) 874-8475


    Timothy E. Ames, Director of Facilities

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    David Celotto, Assistant Director of Facilities

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    Bernadette Kankiewicz, Sr., Clerk Stenographer

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    The Buildings & Grounds Department consists of approximately 140 employees and is responsible for 17 buildings, which consists of 9 active schools, two rental properties, and six auxiliary buildings.  We are responsible for over two million square feet of floor area that are maintained and cleaned on a daily basis, plus five swimming pools.  There are  98 acres of land, which include 8 district playgrounds, 18 soccer fields, two football fields, 28 tennis courts, and 22 baseball diamonds. 

    Buildings & Grounds maintains all fields, which includes grass cutting, fertilizing, and drain tiles, as well as snow removal district-wide.   We are responsible for recycling and refuse pick-up throughout the school district.

    We manage and oversee all Capital Projects district-wide that are approved by the community.



Last Modified on March 6, 2024