Ken-Ton Forward Overview

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    A community that creates dynamic learners who possess social awareness, confidence, and a belief in their power to succeed.


    The Ken-Ton school community will provide our students with the supports, tools, and diverse opportunities needed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.


    Mutual Respect
    Passion for Excellence


    Strategic Intents graphic

    Strategic Intents & Strategy Areas:

    Instruction for All Students:

    By 2022-23, all district schools in Ken-Ton will provide comprehensive academic opportunities that support and extend learning in the critical areas of core instruction, academic intervention, and accelerated programming so that all K-12 students may achieve their highest potential.

    Strategy Areas:
    #1: Core Instruction
    #2: Academic Intervention
    #3: Accelerated Programming


    By 2022-23, Ken-Ton will embody a culture of innovation by providing all district schools increased access to technology-rich resources to enhance every aspect of our learning community.

    Strategy Areas:
    #4: Integration of Technology
    #5: Technology Devices and Infrastructure
    #6: Engaging All Learners

    Social-Emotional Wellness:

    By 2022-2023, Ken-Ton will provide the necessary staff, support, and structures so that 85% of Ken-Ton students will display improvement in social-emotional wellness as compared to our baseline measures.

    Strategy Areas:
    #7: Student Resilience
    #8: Create a Trauma-Informed School District/Embed Restorative Practices