• Important Message for All Students With an Alternate Stop:
    This is an important message for the parents or guardians of any elementary school students who receive bus transportation and are picked up or dropped off at an Alternate Stop in the morning or afternoon. This would be any families that submitted the Alternate Stop Application and were approved for an Alternate Stop. All other families can disregard this message. As elementary schools add days of in-person instruction, students will continue to be picked up and dropped off at their current Alternate Stop each day they attend school. For example, if a Group A or Group B student has an Alternate Stop for the two days they currently attend school, the Alternate Stop would remain the same for every day of in-person attendance that is added. All current Alternate Stops will remain the same as schools add days of in-person instruction. If no change is needed, no action is needed on your part. If, however, you wish to make a change to your child's current Alternate Stop or wish to withdraw your Alternate Stop request, you must submit a new Alternate Stop Application in order to notify the Transportation Department that a change is needed. In accordance with school district policy, families do not have the option of requesting an Alternate Stop for some days and not others. These requests must be for each day of in-person attendance up to and including five days a week. The Alternate Stop Application Form can be found at www.ktufsd.org/transportation. Simply print and complete this form and follow the instructions on the form to submit it to the Transportation Department. Please note that Alternate Stop Applications can take up to 7-10 days to process. We thank you for your cooperation.
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