Questions & Concerns

  • If you have a question, concern, idea, or any kind of feedback, you may use this chart to determine the best place to go or person to contact. If you know the name of the individual you wish to contact, you may use the Staff Directory to find their contact information. You can also visit this page for general contact information.
    How to use this chart:
    In the first column is a list of topics and categories. Simply find the category that most closely matches the matter you wish to discuss. To the left of that is the first point of contact. If they were unable to answer your question or resolve your concern, you will find the next point of contact in the following column.
    For instance, if you have a question or concern regarding a student medical issue or health matter, you would first contact your child's school nurse. If your question or concern has not been addressed, you would then contact the next individual on the chart (in this case, the District Medical Director).
    Parents, residents, and other members of the community are always welcome to contact any member of the organization at any level. Oftentimes, though, matters are referred back as this chart illustrates since that is where they are most often resolved.
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