2024-25 Back-to-School Toolkit

Students listening to a teacher read a book

  • Access Parent Portal to Find Bus Information:
    Bus information will only be able to be accessed on Parent Portal after August 28th. Visit www.ktufsd.org/ParentPortal to access Parent Portal or to find information on how to set up your account. Email ICPortal@ktufsd.org for assistance.

    Don't Forget Your Children's Chromebooks:
    Make sure your child brings his/her fully charged device to school every day, including the first day of school. Returning Gr. 9 students will be issued new Chromebooks and chargers shortly after the start of the school year. These students must have both their Chromebook and charger in order to receive their new device. Click here for information on how to obtain a replacement item.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will families find out their child's teacher or receive their schedule?

  • Where are crossing guards located?

  • How do I find my child's Student ID Number, and what do I need it for?

  • How do I sign up for free/reduced-price breakfast and lunch?

  • When and how will I receive bus pick-up/drop-off information?

  • How do I sign up for Here Comes the Bus (bus tracking)?

  • What are the mileage eligibility limits?

  • How can I register my child for school?

  • How can I create a Parent Portal Account?

  • How can I sign up for voice, email and text notifications?

  • How can I find out about arrival/dismissal procedures, schedules, etc.?

  • What should I do if I don't have my child's Chromebook or charger?

  • Where can I find the school/district calendar?

  • Where can I find menus and nutrition information?

  • When will I receive Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) information?

  • I have a question that is not answered on this page. Who can I contact?