• Community Bulletin Board Graphic

    What is the Community Bulletin Board?

    The Ken-Ton School District receives many requests from local organizations to distribute flyers with information on activities and opportunities for students in the community. Like many school districts, Ken-Ton is moving toward a greener, more efficient and effective way of distributing this valuable information to parents in today's digital world. The Community Bulletin Board has been created to enhance parent and family access to this valuable information, save money and time for local organizations, be more environmentally friendly, and reserve backpacks and take-home folders for critical academic and school information.

    All flyers that would have previously been sent home will be housed here throughout the year, accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Schools may still choose at their discretion to provide hard copies to families or make them available or displayed at the school.

    The Ken-Ton School District neither sponsors nor endorses the activities or organizations represented in this material. They are being provided only as a community service.

    How can I submit a flyer for consideration?

    To submit a flyer for consideration, email pfanelli@ktufsd.org and be sure to include the following disclaimer on the flyer: “Kenmore-Tonawanda UFSD neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.” If you would like a flyer considered for distribution, please review and fill out the form located here.