Board Meeting Live Stream

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Board of Education meetings and public hearings will take place through videoconferencing, and the public will be able to watch a livestream of each meeting via YouTube Live. A recording and transcript of the meeting will also be posted following each meeting. You will be able to access the livestream, video recordings, and transcripts on this page. As always, all meeting documents and the agenda can be found on the Board Docs Page.

    Next Board of Education Meeting:

    A link to the livestream of the next Board of Education meeting will be posted to this page shortly before the meeting.

    Public Hearing Partipation/Public Comment:

    Members of the public are able to participate in a Public Hearing (two-way communication) by asking a question (2-minute limit) or providing a comment (3-minute limit). Members of the public are able to participate in the Public Comment portion of a Board of Education meeting (one-way communication) by providing a comment (3-minute limit).

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public will be able to participate in Public Hearings and the Public Comment portion of Board of Education meetings using the Chat feature in YouTube Live. Please refer to the Board of Education's Guidelines for Public Comments.

    To Comment in YouTube Live Chat:

    To submit your comment using the YouTube Live chat feature, simply click the field where the words "Say Something" are displayed while viewing the livestream in YouTube, type your comment exactly as you wish it to appear, and then click the "Send" icon ().

    More information on YouTube Live Chat can be found on the YouTube Help Center. If you need further assistance, please email