How to Get Involved

  • It is extremely important for parents and guardians to be involved in their children's education by staying in contact with their child's school and teacher, attending important school events such as Open House and Parent/Teacher Conferences, staying up-to-date with their children's academic progress, making sure they come to school each day ready to learn, and supporting their children's learning and growth at home. Below are additional ways in which parents and community members can become involved in the Ken-Ton School District.

  • Parent/Teacher Groups

    The Ken-Ton School District is fortunate to have very active parent/teacher groups including the Ken-Ton PTSA (Parent/Teacher/Student Association) Council, the Ken-Ton SEPTO (Special Education Parent/Teacher Organization), and individual parent/teacher groups in each of our nine schools. These groups play an extremely important role in the schools and district and are committed to building strong school/family partnerships, supporting parents at all grade levels, and enhancing the educational experiences of students. Find information on these groups here: Parent/Teacher Organizations.

    Parent Cabinet

    Parent leaders and representatives from each PTA (Parent/Teacher Association), HSA (Home/School Association), PTSA, and SEPTO (a maximum of 2 per organization) are invited to take part in the Superintendent's Parent Cabinet, which was created during the 2020-21 school year to provide our parent organizations with a greater role at the district level. Parent Cabinet meets four times per year, providing the opportunity for parent members to share best practices, ask questions, receive information, and create a connection between their members and the Superintendent. Click here to learn more.

    Shared Decision Making Teams

    Shared decision making in the Ken-Ton School District is facilitated by Shared Decision Making Teams (SDMTs) in each school building and a District Shared Decision Making Team. These teams serve as key communication and collaboration structures at the school and district levels. Contact your child's school to inquire about opportunities to join its SDMT and visit the Shared Decision Making page to learn more about the shared decision making process.

    Board of Education Meetings

    The Ken-Ton School District is governed by a Board of Education comprised of five elected representatives who volunteer their time to serve as Trustees of the district. In May of each year, an election is held within the district boundaries to elect trustees who serve overlapping three-year terms. The Board of Education carries out a variety of responsibilities including appointing the Superintendent of Schools, developing the annual school district budget for consideration by the community, and enacting the policies that govern the school district. The Board of Education holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the second Tuesday of each month, and special sessions as required. Board of Education meetings are open to the public and public participation is encouraged. Click here for information on board meetings: Meeting Dates & Locations. You can also find all Board of Education meeting documents, meeting agendas, and recordings of previous meetings on the Ken-Ton School District Board Docs Site.

    Community Forums

    Periodically, the Ken-Ton School District Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools hold community forums. Forums typically take place at 9 a.m. on scheduled Saturdays at the Kenmore Middle School Building, 155 Delaware Road, in the Community Room. ​All members of the Ken-Ton School District community are welcome and invited to attend. These forums are designed to provide parents, residents, staff, and any other members of the school district community a chance to ask questions or discuss issues of their choosing. Upcoming forums will be advertised on the district website and social media pages, in the SchoolGram (district e-newsletter), through voice, email, and text notifications to parents, and through the local news media.

    Budget Development Process

    All members of the Ken-Ton School District community are encouraged to actively participate in the district's budget development process for the upcoming school year. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend public Board of Education Budget Work Sessions which not only provide an opportunity to learn about the proposed budget as it's developed but also to ask questions and provide comments. The following article, recently published in the Ken-Ton Bee, includes information on the budget development process: "Sound budget planning relies on input from all stakeholders." You can find the dates of Budget Work Sessions on the yearly Board of Education meeting schedule here: Meeting Dates & Locations.

    Committees, Focus Groups, etc.

    Periodically, there are opportunities for parents/community members to become part of specific committees, sub-committees, task forces, focus groups, and similar stakeholder groups, which play an important role in school and district planning. These groups typically focus on a specific issue or area of concern and convene for a limited amount of time to achieve specific goals and objectives. Recent examples include the Facilities Transition Committee, Start & End Time Study Committee, Elementary Schedule Committee, and "Ken-Ton Forward" Core Team and Task Forces. There are also standing committees, such as the Wellness Committee, Code of Conduct Committee, and Staff Development Center Policy Board, which include parent and/or community representation. Sometimes, stakeholder representation is sought from specific stakeholder groups such as the official parent groups of the district, though membership may also be open to the general public depending on the nature and structure of the committee. When that is the case, opportunities to become involved in specific stakeholder groups as well as the process for becoming involved would typically be advertised on the district website and social media pages, in the SchoolGram (district e-newsletter), etc.


    There are often opportunities throughout the year in which the district and its schools and/or departments seek public input and feedback through surveys. Survey results, public input, and feedback play an important role in school and district planning and help inform decision making. Opportunities to take part in surveys or other opportunities to provide feedback and input are usually advertised on the district website and social media pages, in the SchoolGram (district e-newsletter), etc.

    Ask a Question/Share a Concern

    If you have a question, concern, idea, or any kind of feedback, please visit the Questions & Concerns Page which includes a simple chart that can help you determine the best place to go or person to contact. Parents, residents, and other members of the community are always welcome to contact any member of the organization at any level. Oftentimes, though, matters are referred as this chart illustrates in order to facilitate the quickest and most effective resolution. If you know the name of the individual you wish to contact, you may also use the Staff Directory to find their contact information.

    Connect on Social Media

    The Ken-Ton School District maintains an active presence on social media, which provides the opportunity for two-way dialogue with district stakeholders and members of the school district community. You can follow the district on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ktufsd. The purpose of these pages is to provide information and updates and to celebrate the achievements of Ken-Ton students, staff, and schools. We welcome comments and questions from visitors though we do expect users to be respectful and civil when posting and to follow our Comments Policy which mirrors the expectations for students, staff, and visitors that are established in the district Code of Conduct. Also, everyone is encouraged to Message Us on Facebook with any question/concern you might have.


    There are different ways parents, business owners, and other members of the school and district community can volunteer their time to enrich the educational experiences of students and support the schools and district. Opportunities vary based on school, one's talents and expertise, personal preferences, and availability. Volunteering can range from short-term committments such as assisting at a school activity/event or speaking to a class to long-term committments such as becoming an active member of a school parent/teacher organization. Parents and community members who are interested in volunteering at a specific school are encouraged to contact the school's principal or main office to inquire about volunteering opportunties, or the school's parent/teacher group. General information on volunteering as well as expectations can be found on District Policy #3150: School Volunteers.

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