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    How To Enter A Work Order Into QueCentre


    All work orders should be placed into the QueCentre work order system, this is used to track the progress and make sure that work orders are directed to the proper technicians.


    The web address for the QueCentre is ktufsd.org/wo


    You will be presented with a page asking to log in.

    If you do not know your login information please contact the HelpDesk at x20343


    login screen


    After you log in, a new create work order screen will come up. This information will need to be entered for a work order.


    Work Order


    To enter a work order for a computer or AV problem, click the department drop down and choose IT. Using the drop down menus, fill out the information for the location. If the room is not in the list, pick the closest room and type a description in the Location box. Enter a detailed description in the description box. In the lower section, choose one topic that the work order pertains to, most problems fall under the computer category.





    Quick Troubleshooting Tips


    • Not connecting? Try to restart the computer.
    • Did your computer freeze? Hold the power button for 10 seconds.
    • Is it plugged in? Is it turned on?



    For immediate issues, contact the Help Desk (874-8400 x20343) or the building Tech Liaison.