• Accessing the Voicemail system

    How to check voicemail from your phone:

    Press Message Key

    Enter your passcode - the default passcode is the mailbox number for teachers

    Dial 20100

    Press * (you will hear “welcome to the message center, please enter a mailbox number - starts with 39)

    Enter your mailbox number promptly followed by the * key

    Enter your passcode (Default passcode will be your extension number or mailbox number)

    You will need to set your voicemail up with your greeting, name and a new passcode to begin using the new voicemail system. The new voicemail system has 2 different options to log into your mailbox internally as shown above. The first time you log into your new mailbox the system will put you through a 3-step tutorial. The following steps include:


    Press 8 (U) for User Options

    Press P (7) to change your passcode


    Press 8 (U) for User Options

    Press 4 (G) to Change your Greeting

    Press 7 (R) to Record your Greeting


    Press 8 (U) for User Options

    Press 6 (N) to Record your Name

    NOTE: It takes 3-4 minutes to go through the tutorial and set your mailbox up. Please DO NOT hang up in the middle of the tutorial as you might be locked out of your mailbox and need your mailbox reset by the IT department.

    Email notification of voicemail messages:

    Each time you receive a voicemail message, an email will be sent to your account as a notification that you have a new message in your mailbox. Simple go to a phone and dial into your voice mailbox to listen.

    Voicemail Helpful Hints

    Always be sure to properly exit your mailbox by pressing 9. This lets the system know you are finished, enabling it to make your mailbox immediately available for new access.

    If you are listening to someone’s mailbox greeting and would like to skip the greeting, press 1 during the greeting. You will hear a “beep” and you can begin to leave your message.

    If you accidentally discard a message and need to retrieve it, simply press * immediately after discarding it. If you continue on or exit out of your mailbox, there is no way to retrieve a discarded message from the telephone interface.

    Voice messages will save for 28 days and then automatically delete. There is no warning prior to the message deletion.

    Maximum messages that are allowed per mailbox is 25.