• Alternative Career Credit Opportunities

    Offsite Workshops

    If you are interested in attending a workshop which is not sponsored by the Staff Center, you can apply for consideration of credits.  These workshops are referred to as "Offsite" workshops and may only be used for credit if they occur outside of the workday.  College courses taken to complete teaching certification requirements are not eligible to be used as career credits.


    • You must complete an Offsite application form if you wish to apply for credits and send it to the Staff Development Center PRIOR to the start of the workshop. 
    • The Staff Center Policy Board reviews offsite requests and makes a determination regarding acceptance or denial.  Decisions are sent out to applicants as soon as possible.
    • Once an offsite workshop is approved, participants must submit a KSDC 2018-19 VERIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE FORM or a signed Certificate of Completion and a synopsis which details how the knowledge from the workshop will be used. 



    Click on the following links to view the workshops:

    Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site  


    Robert H. Jackson Center 




    Kenmore Staff Development Center
    155 Delaware Road
    Kenmore, NY 14217
    716-874-8403, ext. 32600