Mary Lynn Bieron

    Chairperson, District Instructional Coach

    Kevin Kruger

    Assistant Chairperson, Big Picture Program

    Laura Moore

    Support Staff Representative, Teacher Aide, Holmes Elementary

    Tracy Caruana

    Teacher, Holmes Elementary

    Kelly White

    Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Student Services

    Philip Jarosz

    Teacher, District Instructional Coach

    Laura Anderson

    Teacher, Kenmore West High School

    Amy Kenerson

    Support Staff Representative,  Teacher Aide, Hoover Middle School

    Elaine Thomas

    Principal, Hoover Middle School

    Heidi Sorel

    Teacher, Hoover Middle School

    Betty Sullivan

    Counseling/Guidance, Kenmore West

    Danielle Johnson

    Teacher, Edison Elementary School

    Nicole Pauly

    Teacher, Kenmore East High School

    Mary Russell

    Speech-Language Pathologist, Franklin Elementary School

    Andrew D. Sako

    Department Chair and Professor of Building Management and Maintenance; A.A.S., Erie Community College
    Higher Education Representative

    Laurie Hayes

    Parent Representative

    Melisa Dettbarn

    Teacher, Hoover Middle School

    Dan Snitzer

    Business, Industry Representative, Praxair

    Jen Pitz-Jones

    Assistant Principal for Academics, Mt. St. Mary Academy

    Matt Chimera 

    Board of Education Member & Liaison to SDC

    Lesley Battaglia

    Board of Education Member & Liaison to SDC

    Dianne Shadden


    Special Area Coordinator

    Alex Marcinelli

    Hoover Middle School

    Kenmore Staff Development
    155 Delaware Road
    Kenmore, NY 14217 
    716-874-8403, ext. 32600
    POLICY BOARD MEETINGS FOR 2022/23: 9/29/22, 11/3/2022, 1/12/2023, 3/22/2023, 4/27/2023 Retreat, 5/24/2023
    Meetings begin at 3:30 pm, Retreat is full-day event.