Welcome to the Staff Development Center's Electronic Catalog

KSDC Catalog in Frontline

  • The Staff Development utilizes Frontline to manage Ken-Ton's Professional Growth

    The most important function of the Center is to provide quality professional development for all Ken-Ton employees. We offer year-round workshop opportunities in three semesters; summer, fall, and spring.

    • The KSDC uses Frontline for the electronic catalog of workshops. This system will allow you to view all upcoming workshops, register yourself for classes and to keep track of your completed hours in your portfolio. 
    • You will need to have a Frontline account to access these workshops, our office will create one for you. If you do not have an account, please reach out to the Center for assistance; call (716) 874-8403 x32600 or email: Staff_Development@ktufsd.org 


    Access Frontline: https://www.ktufsd.org/frontline

    Login: your Ken-Ton email address

    Password: your Ken-Ton email password


    From a computer, and if already logged into your Ken-Ton account, you can find Frontline either in the Ken-Ton Sites folder in Chrome, or via the Google Waffle:



    From a cell phone, you can use any internet browser (Safari or Chrome) to go to the same website, but when THIS screen comes up you must select “OR SIGN IN WITH ORGANIZATION SSO” to connect with your @ktufsd.org email address.

    Searching the Catalog:

    Once in Frontline, you can review all active workshops in our District Catalog (or by Calendar), select the title and then choose “Sign Up Now”


    District Catalog View -or- Calendar View



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