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    Logging in: Enter your ID number and Password. You are also able to use your Ken Ton email address as your ID number.

    You will need to create a NEW account if you have never taken a workshop before. Click on the words "Sign up" under the log in screen.
    District registration fees will automatically be deducted for all District employees who are part of a bargaining unit. (KAA, KTA, KTSEA). Therefore, we will no longer require a separate waiver for fees.
    You are able to review workshop offerings without logging in. Click on currently scheduled courses or the course calendar under the word Courses to the right of the log in screen. There are specified times when staff can register.  This information is on the link for Session and Registration dates.
    It is advisable to make sure you are able to log in prior to registration.  You can also search workshops by GROUP, LOCATION, and INSTRUCTOR. During registration - you will be prompted to enroll yourself and navigate through each screen of the registration process.

    Need some help? You can contact our office at 874 8403, ext. 32600 and make an appointment to come in and we will guide you through the process on how to log in and register.