Medication Form

This form is to be completed by your child's health care provider for any medication (both precription and over-the -counter) that is necessary for your child to take at school. Please note that many healthcare providers utilize an Electronic Health Record that already has a "medication order for school administration" section; those forms are also accepted as a medication order, but must also be signed by parent to allow the school nurse to administer the medication. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. 

If a student must self-carry a medication at school (albuterol, epipen), the healthcare provider must sign an attestation form stating that the child is independent and able to carry the medication at school. ( see Attestation/Independent Medication Carry Form)

Medication Form.pdf, 26.77 KB; (Last Modified on August 23, 2019)