Here Comes the Bus

  • The Ken-Ton School District is pleased to begin offering Here Comes the Bus. This tool uses GPS technology installed on school buses to provide families with the location of their child's bus on a map, arrival times, and push/email notifications when the bus is near.

    Please note that Here Comes the Bus will not work when students are transported by another bus (such as when multiple routes are combined due to the ongoing bus driver shortage). In these cases, the bus location may be displayed as the Transportation Building on Military Road. Additionally, newer buses (716-725) have not had the GPS technology installed yet by the company.

    Please use this form to report on your experience so far or any issues you encounter.

    To access Here Comes the Bus:

    Simply download or access the app using a mobile device or computer (visit to access the web version of the app). Use code 29875 for the Ken-Ton School District. Click here for additional instructions.

    Note: You will need your child’s 9-digit student ID number. You can find this on any of your child’s past report cards. If you have a Parent Portal account, you can view past report cards there. If you have trouble finding your student ID number, you can also contact your child’s school.  

    Make sure you are using the correct app (unauthorized copycat apps have been reported, especially on Android devices). It should look like this:

    If you are seeing any ads or are experiencing issues with the app, make sure you are using the correct version of the app (there should be no ads in the iOS, Android, or web version of the app). 

    The Transportation Department has worked extremely hard to implement this resource here in Ken-Ton while navigating the challenges of the bus driver shortage, which has created significant challenges for school districts across the country. We sincerely appreciate the dedication and commitment of all our bus drivers, bus aides, and transportation office staff who continue to do whatever it takes for our students and families!

    Here Comes the Bus Tutorial Videos:

    Creating a Here Comes the Bus Account on a Mobile Device: Version 2.4.1

    Creating a Here Comes the Bus Account on a Computer

    Logging In and Out of Here Comes the Bus on a Mobile Device - app v2.4.1+

    Tracking Your Student's Bus and Other Features of the Map Screen - app v2.4.1+

    Checking Your Current and Past Push Notifications - app v2.4.1+

    Changing When You Receive Notifications on a Mobile Device - app v2.4.1+

    Turning On and Off Specific Push and Email Notifications - app v2.4.1+

    Adding and Removing a Here Comes the Bus Student Using the App - app v2.4.1+

    Adding and Removing an Email Address or Mobile Device/Push Contact Using the App - app v2.4.1+

    Using Her Comes the Bus on your computer.