Phase I of the Mentor Program is intended to facilitate and enhance the professional development of the novice teacher, help acclimate experienced teachers to the climate of the Ken-Ton district, and to ensure that we are employing high quality teachers in our district.  Every teacher that is new to the district, regardless of prior experience will begin in Phase I.  All teachers .8 or better can remain in Phase I for at least three full semesters.  Teachers that come to our school district with previous teaching experience may move to Phase II at the end of one semester in their placement. 


    As part of Phase I of the Mentor Program, mentors will visit classrooms once a week for half of a day.  During these visitations mentors will work with the teachers in Phase I in a variety of ways including:

    • Observing lessons and classroom activities in order to offer constructive criticism suggestions for improvement
    • Lending general support and guidance
    • Ensuring that the curriculum is followed
    • Modeling lessons for the novice teacher
    • Setting long and short term goals
    • Gathering materials
    • Sharing knowledge
    • Encouraging professional growth
    • Explaining school and district culture
    • Introducing new strategies
    • Acting as an extra pair of hands
    • Offering practical advice
    • Facilitate guided observation of other classrooms


    The mentor is also responsible to open lines of communication with the building administrators in order to reinforce building procedures and discuss expectations for teachers.  The mentor will initiate contact with administrators within the first week of school.


    During Phase I of the Mentor Program the mentees will receive two formal assessments by their mentor and two formal assessments by the building administrator.  These assessments will be submitted to the Review Board by December 1 and April 1, or on the dates established by the Mentor Board.  The Board then compares the two assessments.  The comparison of these two independently written assessments helps to determine the level of performance of the intern in the mentor program. 


    The assessments by the mentors will be based on the following established Teacher performance criteria:


    1.                  Use of effective instructional techniques

    2.                  Knowledge of subject matter

    3.                  Classroom management 

    4.                  Professional Skills and Responsibilities


    *Refer to Essential Competencies Trifold in appendix.


    On the basis of these assessments the Review board will:

    Determine the appropriate placement of the teacher in Phase I or Recommend to the Superintendent of Schools:

    a.   Continued employment in the District

    b.   Dismissal

Last Modified on February 15, 2019