The job of the Mentor will be to focus on the improvement of classroom instruction.  Specifically, the mentor will:


    1. Work with non-tenured teachers in the Mentor Program and tenured teachers who are involved in the intervention process.  This will include regular observations, written assessments, assistance in obtaining materials, modeling teaching techniques (where applicable), arranging observations of other teachers and discussion time.


    1. Establish a rapport and confer with principals, program supervisors, and any administrative staff who are in direct contact with participants.


    1. Participate in Mentor training activities and discussions which comprise Phase one, two and intervention.


    1. Monitor the progress of participants and be responsive to the district development plan.


    1. Help craft professional objectives which integrate district, building, and personal goals for each participant.


    1. Offer and conduct Mentor training course.


    1. Meet and report to Mentor Policy Board.


          8.   Attend Mentor 'Friday Meetings'.  Mentor 'Friday Meetings' include:


    • collegial discussion about any concerns with Phase I mentees
    • planning Phase I and Phase II training
    • organizing Phase II collegial circles
    • contacting Human Resources to keep up-to-date with any new hires
    • contacting building principals regarding monthly meetings
    • reviewing pertinent reports/paperwork
    • aiding in establishing connections between mentees and colleagues
    • gathering teaching materials and resources for mentees


    1. Update Mentor Program website
Last Modified on February 15, 2019