• New York State has supported the concept of mentor teachers by providing grant funds to help defray the cost of salaries for teachers who provide mentor services.  Grant amounts have varied over the years.  In some years, like 2008, the State is provided $75,000 to help defray the cost of teacher salaries.  The District will cover the balance of the salaries, additional mentors’ salaries, all benefits, and the other related-expenses through local funding.


    Purpose of the Grant:

    The purpose of the grant is to have experienced professionals (full-time teacher mentors) guide and support the new teacher interns (.8fte or more).  The main focus of the mentor is the improvement of interns’ classroom instruction for phase I interns (in their first year of mentorship), and phase II interns (in their second year of mentorship).  The mentors and District together provide all new teachers with a four-day orientation program prior to the beginning of the school year.


    Mentor teachers meet with and work with the intern teachers at least the equivalent of one half-day per five or six-day instructional schedule cycle.  Interns are provided with release time to observe and collaborate with master teachers within the same curricular and grade levels.  Interns also receive support from in-service training and the Ken-Ton Staff Development Center as part of the district’s imperative for continuing professional growth.  Reflective practice is required from all interns.  Mentors require that interns keep a personal journal as well as submit reflective writings to them for review.  Mentors assist interns as needed to understand how to use reflective practices to improve instruction.

Last Modified on February 15, 2019