• Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, all students in kindergarten through fourth grade are eligible for transportation if they live more than 0.5 miles from their school. Students in grades five through seven are eligible if they live more than 0.75 miles from their school. Those in grades eight through twelve must live more than 1.0 miles from school to receive transportation.

    All students may at one time or another ride a school bus either for their regular transportation to and from school, or for a field trip, athletic trip, or academic shuttle. Therefore, all students must learn about the practice of safety procedures.

    Transportation information will be mailed home shortly before the beginning of the school year. The information will list your child's morning and afternoon bus numbers, pick up time and bus stop. Please note that the time will probably change after the first few days of school and the BUS DRIVER will let the students know (verbally) of any changes.

    Any changes (address or school) should be reported to the central registration department as soon as possible. When the changes are completed, the information will be forwarded to the transportation department to make changes. Changes cannot be made until transportation receives notification from central registration.  If you wait until the first week of school, which is a very busy time for our department, or the day before you need transportation, you may experience a delay due to the fact that notification to the bus drivers and/or routing changes must be completed before your child can ride.

    Only students who reside in our district are eligible for transportation.

    It is very important that you keep the school informed of any change in phone number and provide an alternate contact should you not be available in case of emergency.

    District policy provides for corner stops. House stops are not allowed unless they have been determined necessary by the district for medical reasons.

    If your child is the only one at the stop and has not taken the bus for five days or more, we will discontinue service until you call transportation to resume.