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Kenmore East Cellist Plays in NYC with Honors Performance Series

Kenmore East senior Anna Weinert received an incredible opportunity to showcase her musical talent.

Anna spent a few days in February playing as a cellist in the Carnegie Hall Honors Performance Series String Orchestra in New York City. The Honors Performance Series is an audition-only performance organization that was established to feature talented young musicians on stage at one of the world’s most famous music halls in Carnegie Hall.

Following a challenging audition process, Anna was accepted into the Performance Series as second chair in the cello section and was able to work with acclaimed conductor Catherine Birke and perform a concert at Carnegie Hall. She also was able to network with peers and experience sights around the city.

Kenmore East orchestra teacher Laura Jay Anderson accompanied Anna as a chaperone for this year’s Performance Series program at Carnegie Hall. She also accompanied cellist Katie Lawson at the Series in Vienna, Austria in 2022 and flutist Madison Manzella and percussionist Ian Saccomando at the Series in Sydney, Austrlia in 2019 and 2023, respectively.