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Ken-Ton Honors All-County, All-State Musicians

We are extremely proud to recognize dozens of students across the district who earned a place in the highly selective Erie County Music Educators Association (ECMEA) All-County ensembles. Acceptance into these ensembles is by audition only and participants represent the most talented music students in Erie County. Performances took place in March. Several Ken-Ton music teachers (Kristen Hill, Ciaran Krueger, Jill Neuhaus, Jessica Leary, and Elaine Grant) served as event chairpersons with Phil Aguglia serving as conductor of the junior high jazz band.

Additionally, four extremely talented Ken-Ton students will be performing in the Junior High Area All-State Band later this month: Alistair Gianni (Kenmore West), Bari Sax; Dylan Kociencki (Kenmore East), Tenor Sax; Owen Shotwell (Kenmore East), string bass; and Nolan Vitko (Kenmore East), Trumpet.

Participants were as follows:

Erie County Elementary Music Festival:

Orchestra: Evey Sciandra, Hailey Spin, and Joseph Riggie

Band: Kaitlyn Forpahl

Chorus: Madelyn Atherton, Abigail Carmichael, Hailie Vetter-Higgins, Evelyn Cianchetti, Cara Eschberger, Ellie Blair-Heim, Lily Ruot, Samantha Hashey, Caroline Rhoney, Noah Panzarella, Katelyn Bender, Gianna Coheley, and Josie LoBrutto (Alternates: Quinn McCrohan, Addison Netter, Madison Mihalics, Karla Betancourt, Samantha Starkweather, and Elise Bindert)

Erie County Junior High Music Festival:

Orchestra: Eleanor Zack, Conor Tyree, and Adyson Morin (Alternate: Natasha Stanko)

Band: Brian Dehima and Ellery Kraus (Alternate: Charlotte Brach)

SATB Chorus: Liam Doyle, Mckenzi Rombkowski, Hailey Insinna, Kennedy O'Brien, Isabella Teter, and Gabriella Pilat

SSA Chorus: Cecilia Gracie, Cameron Czaplicki, Maria Reinoso-Zegarra, Sophia Penrose, Aja Wittemann, and Zoe Lesika

Erie County Senior High Music Festival:

Chorus: Giulia Zanghi, Owen Wagner, Neshiah Alston, Emily Gardner, Sriya Natarajan, Cole Robbins, and Janus Robson (Alternates: Jocelyn Toenneissen and Sofia Troncone)

Band: Kaleigh Januchowski, Bass Clarinet (Alternates: Erin Donnellon and Sriya Natarajan)

Orchestra: Tessa Mihelbergel (Flute)

Erie County Jazz Music Festival:

Vocal Jazz: Neshiah Alston, Caspian Bara, Sara Davidson, Emily Gardner, Maria Colisimo, and Cole Robbins (Alternate: Eric Boczar)

Junior High Jazz Band: Alistair Gianni, Bari Sax, and Nolan Vitko, Trumpet (Alternate: Charlotte Brach, Alto Sax)

Senior High Jazz Band: Jack Gradzewicz, Alto Sax; Claire Malkiewicz, Alto Sax; Everette Gianni, Bari Sax; and Abby Jefferys, Tenor Saxophone

Junior High Area All State Jazz Band:

Alistair Gianni, Bari Saxophone; Dylan Kocienski, Tenor Saxophone; Owen Shotwell, String Bass; and Nolan Vitko, Trumpet.