• Online Registration for New or Previously Enrolled Students

    Parents/Guardians can complete registration at home on their computer or mobile device, or contact the Central Registration Department for Kiosk registration dates and hours (links below).

     Helpful Hints Before You Begin:

    • Have the following information available for all students in your household:

      • Student's FULL Name (First, Middle, Last)
      • Student's Date of Birth

    • Write down your application number for reference

    • Be sure to choose the correct school year you are registering your child for

    • Review the list of Required Documents and gather them to upload
      Kindergarten and UPK applications will not be approved without ALL required documents uploaded.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • Parents/Guardians need a valid email address

    OLR Kiosks are available at 1500 Colvin Blvd, Buffalo, NY 14223 for parents/guardians to complete the enrollment process, if desired.  CLICK HERE for an in-person appointment.  All required documents must be with you at the time of your appointment including the birth certificate and immunization records for each child, parent photo ID, and two valid proofs of residency in the district (most recent mortgage statement or current full lease, most recent utility bills).

  • Existing Families

    Parents/Guardians who have children currently enrolled in a Ken-Ton PUBLIC school should use their Parent Portal account to add a new student registration.

    Click on the icon below to log in to Parent Portal on a computer or mobile device:

    1. Log in to Campus Parent Portal
    2. Select "More"
    3. Select "Online Registration"
    4. Choose New Student Registration in the year you require

    Existing families must register using the Parent Portal.  Please click here to email us if you have forgotten your user account information.

    Be sure to include the following information:

    • Child's name

    • Child's school

    • Your relationship to child

    A member of our staff will contact you shortly.

  • New or Previously Enrolled Families

    Parents/Guardians who have children new to Ken-Ton, are returning after having left Ken-Ton, or are living in Ken-Ton and registering their children for private, charter, or parochial school, can use the link below to register. While completing the online registration application, you will need to upload all required documents to the Central Registration Department.

    Click on the icon below to begin a new registration on a computer or mobile device:

    ***Please Note: after your initial registration, you will be able to use the Parent Portal app to view or make changes to your account.

    Step-By-Step Instructions For New Families