• Student Registration

  • For each child you are registering:

    1. Begin our online registration process here: Online Registration
    2. Or you may download and print our registration packets here:
    3. CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment to complete an in person registration or email us at Central_Registration@ktufsd.org with any questions.

    Documents required:  

    • Student's birth certificate / baptismal certificate / government ID with student name and date of birth
    • Current immunization records and most recent physical
    • Photo ID of parent/guardian
    • Two proofs of residency in the district (*see below for acceptable proofs of residency*)
    • Academic record/transcript from previous school (if possible)
    • Proof of custody, if applicable – in order to register a child for school, the biological parent or court-appointed legal guardian or custodian must have legal residence in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD. It is illegal for children to attend school where the custodial parent or legal guardian does not reside.  

    *The following are required to prove residency and must all have date, parent/guardian name and service address section:
    • Current full lease or proof of homeownership (most recent mortgage statement, property tax bill, deed, closing disclosure or homeowner’s insurance).  
    • Current full page of most recent utility bill for the address – showing the date of the bill, parent/guardian name, and service address section of the bill.
    • If your proofs of residency are in another person's name, please download and print the residency affidavits below for both of you to complete, have notarized and return to us along with two valid proofs in the District Resident's name:
      Parent/Guardian Residency Affidavit
      District Resident Affidavit  
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