2020-21 Middle School Music Registration

  • All parents/guardians of students in grades 4-6 are asked to complete a short form in order to register their child for band, orchestra, chorus, or general music for the 2020-21 school year. Please complete one form for each child.

    Click here to access the form:

    2020-21 Middle School Music Registration Form



    Important Information for Gr. 4-6 Parents/Guardians:

    The music faculty at Franklin Middle School and Hoover Middle School are starting to prepare for next year’s musical ensembles. Orchestra, band and chorus are all year-long commitments that meet every other day for the entire school year, rotating with their other special area classes.

    For scheduling and staffing reasons, it is important that we know which music courses your child is interested in participating in for the 2020-2021 school year. We must account for everyone. Please complete the 2020-21 Music Registration Form as soon as possible. While we need our registration to be as complete as possible, we understand that circumstances do change; therefore, the final day to drop or add a course is the end of the first week of school (September 11, 2020).

    If your child wishes to sing in chorus, as well as play an instrument in band or orchestra, they may participate in both. However, please note that these classes meet at the same time, and in order for them to participate in both, they will need to share their class time. Students shared between the instrumental and vocal programs will miss every other class in order to attend instruction for both ensembles. It is also important to note that if a student chooses to participate in a performing ensemble, they must participate in all requirements of the class, such as a pull-out lesson once a week (band and orchestra only) and 2-3 evening concerts, per group, throughout the year.

    Instrument Policy:

    The district policy for students in grades 5-12 is that each student is expected to provide their own instrument — either by rental from a music store or purchase. The only instruments that are guaranteed to be rented out from the school (for a $40 rental fee) are: piccolo, oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, french horn, baritone/euphonium, tuba, cello, and string bass. Students that play the trombone or cello will be provided with one for use in school, but should obtain their own for at-home practice from a music store. For instruments that are too large for the bus (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, baritone/euphonium, tuba and string bass) parents/guardians may pay one $40 rental fee to the district and will receive one instrument for use at home and one to use at school.

    While every effort will be made to honor your request, scheduling decisions are based on student need.

    Thank you for your continued support! Please contact your child’s music teacher with any questions!

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