• What is a Career & Technical Education (CTE) program?




    Career and Technical Education(CTE) encompasses a variety of subject areas designed to prepare students forlife-long careers.  Such courses wereformerly referred to as occupational education. Current State Education Department documents and regulations, as well asNew York State legislative language all use theCTE terminology.  However, federallegislation and documents continue to reference this curricula as vocationaleducation.




    Commissioner's Regulations [C.R.R.100.1(1)L], defines CTE as a kindergarten through adult area of study thatincludes rigorous academic content closely aligned with career andtechnical  subjects.  The Career Development and OccupationalStudies (CDOS) Learning Standards serve as the framework.  In grades nine through twelve, CTE includesthe specific disciplines of agriculture education, business and marketingeducation, family and consumer sciences education, health occupationseducation, technical education, technology education, and trade/industrialeducation.


    The purpose of CTE is to providelearning experiences where students become aware of a broad spectrum of careersand develop skills that are applicable to personal and career roles and arenecessary for employment in specific career areas or postsecondary study.  Successful programs will prepare students forlife as productive members of society.


    Characteristics of Career and Technical Education Programs


                Elements of a successful CTE program include:

    • certified teachers whoremain current within their profession
    • a sequence of coursesthat prepare students for employment or postsecondary study
    • a work-based learningopportunity
    • a business andindustry consultant committee who will provide input into the program
    • an opportunity toapply academic concepts to real-world situations
    • a program that allowsstudents the opportunity to earn college credit for college-level high schoolprograms
    • preparation forindustry-based student assessments
    • an opportunity to usethe most current business/industry-based technologies
    • an opportunity to achieve the career clusterstandard (CDOS Standard 3b)


    Go to: NYSED CTE for further detailed information related to CTE programs.
Last Modified on May 4, 2021