2020 Ken-Ton School District Art Gallery


    K-T Art Gallery


    Every year, elementary, middle, and high school art shows provide our schools and art teachers with the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary work of our talented student artists. With the buildings closed due to the pandemic, the Art Department has found a new way to showcase student artwork digitally so that everyone can enjoy and appreciate their amazing work from home using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    Digital art galleries have been expertly produced by scanning individual pieces and then compiling them into digital exhibitions using an innovative tool called Kunstmatrix. This tool provides the ability to create stunning 3D virtual showcases of artwork, replicating the experience of a physical art gallery in a digital 3D environment.

    Denise Carr, who is both an art teacher at Kenmore East High School and district art coordinator, has unveiled a Ken-Ton School District art gallery using Kunstmatrix. By simply clicking the link above, guests can browse among all of the amazing works and view each individual piece up close with all the accompanying details.

    “It is obviously a pared-down version of what would have happened in each school this spring, but we are so pleased to celebrate our student artists,” Carr said.

    Click here for the Kenmore West 2020 Art Exhibition

    Click here for the Kenmore East 2020 Art Show