2022-23 NYSDOH Requirements

  • The NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) released its COVID-19 guidance for the coming year which is based on the updated CDC guidance released on August 11th. Some important things to note are:

    • NYSDOH no longer requires screening testing, Test-to-Stay, positive case reporting, contact tracing, or quarantine restrictions.
    • Just as was the case before 2020, families will need to monitor their children for symptoms of any illness and keep them home when sick. Families must also be prepared to come to school to get their child if they exhibit symptoms of an illness during the school day.
    • You should have your child tested for COVID-19 if you suspect he or she has the virus. Additional at-home tests are being distributed to our students from NYS.
    • If the child tests positive, he or she would need to follow the NYS isolation guidelines and stay home for 5 days. Test results do not need to be provided to the school.
    • The child would be able to return to school on Day 6 if he/she is fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. The child should wear a mask until Day 10.

    You can find the NYSDOH letter to school districts here. You can also find a detailed FAQ document for schools here. These documents provide additional guidance and information.