Dear parents/guardians and 8th grade students:


    This is a reminder of some important information that was shared with you earlier regarding the NYS requirement for world languages:


    The NYS requirement is as follows:

    • All students* must SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE two years of instruction of LOTE Checkpoint A (7th and 8th grade) and PASS a locally-developed Checkpoint A proficiency exam in order to earn ONE high school credit.


    Please keep this in mind as we approach the end of 8th grade. In order to earn the required high school credit in 8th grade, students must pass this year’s final exam. Our locally adopted policy to address this, as well as the “gray areas” where a student has passed the exam but not the course is follows:


    Student passes the 8th grade final exam AND has a passing final average:

    One high school credit awarded.

    Student fails the 8th grade final exam

    No high school credit awarded – student must be placed in a world language course in 9th grade. Contact a guidance counselor for options.

    Student passes the 8th grade final exam AND has a failing final average:

    Final average must be 60 or higher in order for credit to be awarded.



    *World Language Exemption

    Students have until the end of 9th grade to complete the one-credit requirement. Students who are determined to be severely language –learning challenged may be exempted by the CSE.

Last Modified on February 22, 2016