PR Submissions

  • We want to share your stories! The purpose of this page is to ensure we have all the information needed to share your story in the SchoolGram, on the school/district homepages, on social media, and in press releases to our newspapers and TV/radio stations.

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    Story tips:

    • Use complete sentences/3rd-person perspective. Social media posts, press releases, and news articles are written in 3rd-person perspective with factual information. “I/We” statements or opinions are great to include as quotes!
    • Include all information exactly as you want it published. If your submission is missing information, this information will be absent from the story.
    • Use full names (no courtesy titles). If someone is mentioned in your story (students, staff, etc.), please include their full name on first reference. Media outlets require full names, and most do not use courtesy titles (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms.).