Visitor Procedures

  • The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District firmly believes that the involvement of families and community members is an essential component of the educational process. Our schools are committed to building strong family and community partnerships, and we welcome and value the contributions of the entire Ken-Ton School District community.

    In August 2018, the Ken-Ton School District announced a new initiative to help foster a safe and secure learning environment while school is in session. The first phase of this initiative was establishing a single point of entry in all nine school buildings, which was accomplished at the start of the 2018-19 school year. The second phase of this initiative is the implementation of a secured visitor management system. One component of this is the Raptor system, which will be piloted in select school buildings during the 2018-19 school year in anticipation of district-wide implementation.

    These initiatives represent a change for visitors but are helping to create an added layer of safety and security while schools are entrusted with the supervision of students. The district and its schools appreciate the patience and understanding of families and visitors as these changes have been implemented.

    Anyone who wishes to visit a school building during the regular school day for any purpose are asked to familiarize themselves with the new visitor procedures. These procedures apply to anyone who is not a regular member of the Ken-Ton School District staff possessing a valid Ken-Ton School District identification badge.

    Visitation Process:

    Occasionally, parents/guardians and other guests will be invited to the school building during the regular school day for meetings, activities, events, and other school functions. When a parent/guardian or other member of the community wishes to initiate a visit to the school building or classroom while school is in session, the Building Principals or their designees are responsible for approving such requests. To minimize disruption, visitations to classrooms require advance permission in order to allow teachers the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements and modifications to their schedules.

    Once Raptor has been implemented in a school building, the following visitation procedures will be in effect while school is in session (after students arrive at the start of the day, and before departure at the end of the day):

    • All visitors must arrive at Door #1 of each school building (at the Kenmore Middle School Building, which houses pre-kindergarten classes and the Big Picture Program, entry will be through Door #9).
    • Visitors will be asked to state their name and the reason for their visit upon arrival and to provide a valid government-issued identification (acceptable forms of identification can be found below), which will be scanned using the Raptor system to generate a visitor badge.
    • School staff at the Door #1 entry checkpoint and/or Main Office will provide additional instructions.
    • Visitors who do not need to enter the building to fulfill their purpose (such as picking up a child or dropping off an item) will be permitted to wait at the entry checkpoint while staff assist them with their request.

    If a visitor does not have a valid ID, the individual will not be permitted entry to the school building. With the Building Principal’s approval, a Building Administrator or designee will have the option of escorting a visitor to and from their destination if their identify is known and they are present for an official purpose such as a meeting with school/district personnel. If a parent/guardian does not possess a valid identification but has been invited to the school for a specific purpose, they are asked to contact the school or department that issued the invitation. Special considerations may be possible such as an alternative meeting location or assistance securing a valid ID.

    There may be occasions such as daytime performances and end-of-year ceremonies in which the regular visitation process may be altered to accommodate large numbers of guests. On such occasions, staff will ensure that all visitors travel directly to and from the event location and are not able to access the rest of the building.

    More About Raptor:

    Raptor is an electronic visitor management system that is used in schools around the country. Upon arrival, a visitor will present his or her identification which will be scanned for the purposes of signing the visitor in and generating a disposable visitor badge. The Raptor system will also screen visitors against the national sex offender registry. It will alert staff whether an individual is identified as being a registered sex offender, or has been prohibited from being on school grounds by the school.

    All state licenses, state identification cards, concealed handgun licenses, consular ID cards, green cards, active military cards, benefits cards, and passport cards (but not full passports) are able to be scanned.

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