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Linde Technology Center

Linde (formerly known as Praxair) is one of Ken-Ton's largest employers and is located adjacent to the Holmes Elementary campus. Linde has had a very close partnership with the school for decades. Since 1992, Linde has operated an extremely successful Mentoring Program in partnership with Holmes. Through this program, approximately 20 Linde employees mentor selected students after school either at Holmes or on the Linde campus. Students participate once or twice a month usually from Gr. 2 to Gr. 4. Activities are varied and include working on school assignments or needed developmental areas, playing games, or just talking together. Students often have the opportunity to take part in engaging and educational science or technology-oriented demonstrations related to Linde's work. We can always see what a profound impact the mentors have on our students. Linde staff also actively support the school’s fundraising efforts and regularly provide needed donations. Most recently, the Linde facility secured a $5,000 grant through the company to enhance the mentoring program. Linde is a shining example of what a difference community partners can make in the lives of our students.