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Eric Napoli

Eric Napoli is a pastor at Amherst Baptist Church and has been the driving force behind the Sheridan Parkside Life Center, which has become an extremely important resource for families of the Sheridan Parkside neighborhood who attend Holmes Elementary. It officially opened in October of 2021. Located near the Sheridan Parkside Community Center, this community resource provides numerous services for families in the neighborhood such as a free laundromat, clothing closet, community meeting place, cooking and kitchen classes, other life skills training, and everyday support for residents. Pastor Napoli has also been actively involved at Holmes Elementary, where Sheridan Parkside students attend school. He has cultivated a very close relationship with the school and helps families connect with this resource. He is frequently in the Holmes building and has done many different things to support the students and staff of the school. He routinely donates food and other items and coordinates lunches for the staff. Eric has become an extremely valuable partner to Holmes Elementary and is always looking for new ways to support Holmes families and other families in the Sheridan Parkside community.