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Karen Whitelaw

Karen Whitelaw has been one of the most active members of our school district community for many, many years. Her dedication to our students and families is unmatched. She never hesitates to do whatever she can to support our schools and programs, advocate on behalf of students, and promote family and community participation. Over the years, Karen has held numerous parent leadership positions at the school and district level including President of the District Parent/Teacher/Student Association as well as the Kenmore East and Franklin Middle PTAs. In addition to the countless hours she has spent volunteering for these different organizations, she has also devoted countless hours to serving on various committees, panels, and planning groups. During much of this time, the district faced many challenges including New York State budget cuts, the Gap Elimination Adjustment, and the closing of the Huntley plant. Karen’s leadership was instrumental as our entire community worked together to navigate this difficult time. She not only served as a community representative, but she also worked to promote greater community participation and involvement. She continues to be a very familiar face at Board of Education meetings, forums, and events and is always ready to do whatever needs to be done to move Ken-Ton forward. The fact that her involvement and advocacy has continued after her children graduated from school demonstrates her passion and dedication on behalf of all Ken-Ton students. The district is deeply indebted to Karen for the role she continues to play and all that she has done to promote community participation and give our families a voice.