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Paul Spors

Matt Chimera, Paul Spors & Sabatino Cimato

Paul Spors has served the Ken-Ton School District community as a parent leader, volunteer and advocate for many years. Most recently, his son Daniel graduated from Kenmore East High School in 2018, but Paul remains actively involved at the school and district level. He has served as a volunteer coach for the Kenmore East Baseball Team and has been a youth baseball coach in the Town of Tonawanda for many years. In fact, Paul was helping at Ken-East baseball practice prior to coming here this evening. This is a testament to how much he has done to support athletic programs at Kenmore East and across the District, and in 2015, he was the recipient of the prestigious Cornerstone Award for the Bulldogs in recognition of his contributions. Paul has been a very familiar face at Board of Education meetings and other District events for years. He has been involved in school and district planning in too many ways to count including the Facilities Committee, District Parent/Teacher/Student Association and Superintendent Search Committee. Paul has always been a tireless advocate for the District and its students, from fighting against the Gap Elimination Adjustment to campaigning for the capital projects. Paul has always been one of the first people in the community to step up, volunteer his time and ensure that parents’ voices are heard.

Paul Spors and his family