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Yoga Class Provides a Welcome Break for Students in Rigorous IB Program

Ken-West students practicing yoga  Ken-West students practicing yoga

Kenmore West High School students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program recently had the opportunity to take a much-needed break with an introductory yoga class.

Yoga is universally known for reducing stress, and the class was greatly appreciated by participants. In addition to the rigorous IB Program, many of the students are also active in sports, extracurriculars and other academic activities and programs. The class was not only a welcome stress reliever, but for many it was the very first time they had ever tried out yoga.

Teaching the class was Courtney Boland, a special education teacher at Franklin Middle School. The students loved the class and were very appreciative of the opportunity.

“She had them all in our library under the dome looking like yoga pros,” said Laura Howse, Kenmore West High School IB coordinator.

The opportunity was part of the new “I’m Breathing” program which aims to provide a break for IB students.

“They are getting a time out from the books and learning or trying something new and learning about stress relief,” Howse said.