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District ThoughtExchange Survey Conversation 'Star' Step Closes Nov. 24; Next Up: 'Discover' Step

Hundreds of Ken-Ton School District parents, staff and community members haven taken part in a confidential district-wide survey conversation that will soon conclude with the upcoming "Discover" step.

Participants took part in the first step, the "Share" step, by sharing more than 4,000 thoughts on important school and district topics from Oct. 28 to Nov. 7. During the next step, the "Star" step, from Nov. 14 to Nov. 24, everyone is able to see a random sample of the more than 4,000 thoughts and assign stars based on what they value and prioritize.
Next comes the “Discover” step. Everyone will be able to delve deep and see all the 4,000 thoughts that were expressed during the “Share” step, including their own. They will also be able to explore the broader community-wide perspective, common themes that emerged from the process, and the way different thoughts and topics were prioritized by participants during the “Star” step.
The survey conversation was conducted through an innovative new tool called Thoughtexchange. Unlike traditional survey tools such as Google and Survey Monkey, Thoughtexchange invites participants to answer open-ended questions and then gives participants the ability to prioritize and rate their own thoughts and the thoughts of others in order to understand the perspective of the group. 
It typically takes the Thoughtexchange team approximately 4 weeks to set up the interactive “Discover” website portal, so it will likely be available shortly before or after winter recess. 
Participation is 100% confidential. Your email address will not be publicly associated with your thoughts or participation nor is this information provided to the school, district, or any other third party by Thoughtexchange, which conducts surveys for school districts and other customers throughout the U.S. For more information, visit the Thoughtexchange Help Center at