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More Than 100 'Remarkable Readers' Celebrated at Franklin Middle School

Remarkable Readers  
Congratulations to the more than 100 Franklin Middle School students who participated in the Remarkable Readers Celebration!
Each year, Franklin Middle School honors students for participation in the Remarkable Readers Program which encourages summer reading. Pictured above are fifth-grade top reader Alicia Wilson, fifth-grade second-place reader Michael Krikovich, sixth-grade top reader Alayna Schupp, sixth-grade second-place reader Madeline Maugans, seventh-grade second-place reader Ilana McDermott-Fry, and the overall top reader for Franklin Middle School, seventh grader Erin Donnellon.
All participating students were recognized by the Franklin Middle School PTA with a special VIP Remarkable Readers Celebration. Grade level winners were awarded gift certificates from various local businesses. Students also earned the chance to win books donated by the Kenmore Teachers Association and First Book Publications.
Celebrating Remarkable Readers is a fun tradition at Benjamin Franklin Middle School!