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August 2023 Department Recognitions

Department recognition winners

We recognize staff from each of our schools at Board of Education meetings during the school year. There are many staff who work for district-level departments who are not eligible to be honored but are no less deserving of recognition. For the August 8th meeting, we asked each district department to identify one outstanding member of its staff to be invited here tonight to be celebrated for their work. These individuals also represent the incredible work that takes place behind the scenes that has a tremendous impact on our students. There are many other staff who are deserving of recognition and we intend to make this an annual observance each August.

  • Adult & Community Education - Denise Jurewicz, Teacher Aide/Enrollment and Assessment Manager: Denise is the fuel that keeps the engine running for the Adult Education Department. Denise is the first point of contact for High School Equivalency and English as a Second Language students and has an energetic mannerism that exudes compassion, understanding, professionalism, and empathy. Denise is an expert in the field, knows the ins and outs of data and funding, is a friend to everyone she meets, and is well respected by industry leaders and partners.

  • Athletics - Leah Canestaro, Administrative Assistant: Leah has been employed with Ken-Ton since 2000. She moved to the Athletic Office in 2010 and during this time she has been a problem-solver, listener, and resource for other offices, parents, 130 coaches, 26 nurses, 45 teachers, and countless others. In 2018, Leah earned the New York State Athletic Administrators Association Judith A. Martens Secretarial Award of Excellence for all of Section VI.

  • Buildings & Grounds - Sean Petrinec, Locksmith: Sean has been with the District for a short amount of time but the experience he has brought to the team is remarkable. His knowledge of the trade and eagerness to apply that knowledge is a great benefit to the Buildings and Grounds Department and the district.

  • Curriculum & Instruction - Mary Jane Vanderbosch, Principal Clerk Typist: Mary Jane has demonstrated remarkable success in the Curriculum and Instruction Office through her consistent meticulous organization and coordination. Her management of curriculum materials, schedules, and communication has resulted in streamlined processes for our curriculum and instruction department and schools. Her ability to maintain accurate records and communicate with teachers and administrators has significantly improved collaboration. She greets all she encounters with a warm and helpful attitude.

  • Data & Accountability - Colleen McGroder, Senior Student Information System Specialist: Colleen has consistently been providing high quality service to district teachers, administrators, and clerical staff for over 17 years. Many refer to Colleen as the "Infinite Campus Queen,” or the "IC Master Guru.” Colleen not only ensures that our student information system, Infinite Campus, is fully operational each and every day, but she delivers service with a smile to any staff member who calls her for advanced technical support, requests a customized report, or seeks assistance with grade reporting.

  • Family Support Center - Melissa Dietz-Schall, Clerk Typist: Melissa has been at the Family Support Center for six years. During her time at the Center, she has continuously gone above and beyond. Melissa has a keen eye for details and assists in every aspect of the behind-the-scenes work which takes place there. She continues to be an invaluable part of the Family Support Center team.

  • Finance - Aimee Meloon, Assistant Accountant: Aimee Meloon has quickly become an invaluable member of the Business Office staff with her exceptional work ethic paired with a great sense of customer service. Aimee comes to work every day ready to quietly and efficiently do her job, as well as help those who call with questions. She takes initiative to solve problems by investigating records, asking thoughtful questions, and following through. On top of her excellent work skills and initiative, she is genuinely kind and thoughtful to all those she works with.

  • Food Service - Natalie Meldrum, Cook Manager, Hoover Complex: Natalie is a kind and caring team leader who does not hesitate to help her staff with creating delicious meals. She takes pride in her work and she always makes sure that Hoover students and staff are getting the best meals served in a friendly, fun environment each and every day. Natalie is a great Cook Manager and we are very proud to have her on our Food Service Team.

  • Human Resources - Elaine Tartick, Payroll Clerk: For the past 37 years, Ken-Ton payroll has been synonymous with Elaine Tartick. Elaine has served with professionalism, empathy, and kindness in her role as the primary payroll clerk. Elaine's commitment to Ken-Ton is without question as evidenced by her willingness to come out of retirement to support the department and the District. She remains a critical component in the day-to-day payroll functions and continues to share her experience with new staff in order to build capacity in the department.

  • Staff Development Center - Tammy Sempert, Senior Clerk Typist: Tammy is an exemplary worker who embodies the mission of the Staff Development Center in all that she does. When an instructor or participant needs assistance, Tammy is there with patience and a true desire to help. Her initiative in building awareness of the Center this past year led to a significant increase in the number of support staff taking Center workshops. She has also been instrumental in new B&G workshops and providing information about Food Service initiatives in each building.

  • Student Services - Darlene Eagan, Account Clerk Typist: Darlene is instrumental and an "irreplaceable" in the Office of Student Services. Darlene is very focused and thorough in her work, dedicated, knowledgeable, and has truly been an asset in working with the Student Services budget. She understands practices and ensures everyone around her is following the same procedures for consistency and efficiency. She continues to be willing to learn and make improvements to provide quality services for the students of Ken-Ton.

  • Technology - Michael Shovlin, Microcomputer Repair Technician: Mike graduated from Kenmore East and immediately began employment with the B&G Department for 10 years before moving over to Technology Services, where he has been since 2008. Mike is an integral member of the team. He is relied upon for construction knowledge and ability as well as his dedication to the technology needs at the Hoover Complex, which he is responsible for. Mike is honest, trustworthy, dedicated, and is always prompt, professional, and polite.

  • Transportation - Beth Kasprzak, Clerk Typist: Beth is known as the “Rock of Transportation.” She is always ready to step up to help with dispatch and with routing changes. She also has wonderful customer service skills and  with customer service answering parents questions everyday.