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Jeanne Christiano, Kenmore West High School Attendance Clerk

Jeanne Christiano

Jeanne Christiano, Kenmore West High School Attendance Clerk

We are pleased to recognize Jeanne Christiano for our Kenmore West High School Support Staff recognition.  

Mrs. Christiano is part of the clerical team in the Kenmore West Attendance Office and is responsible for student attendance matters and coordinating staff absences and coverages.

It is no secret that the past year has been busy and difficult for the attendance office.  Throughout the constantly changing demands, Mrs. Christiano has met every challenge head on and has consistently done so with professionalism and high character.  She has an incredible relationship and rapport with staff and students, and always greets everyone with a warm smile.  Mrs. Christiano begins every day hitting the ground running to ensure Kenmore West runs smoothly with consistent communication with staff and families alike.  We are grateful for the work that Mrs. Christiano does and the positive impact she has on everyone at Kenmore West and in our community. 

It is our pleasure to award our support staff recognition to Mrs. Jeanne Christiano!