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Liz Smith, Franklin Middle School Teacher Aide

Matt Chimera, Liz Smith & Sabatino Cimato

This is the 6th year Liz has worked at Franklin Middle School as a teacher aid. The dedication Liz has toward her job and the students at Franklin Middle is unsurpassable. To use a baseball analogy, Liz is our best “pinch hitter!” A pinch hitter is a substitute, especially at a critical point in the game. She is our go-to player. There are times we have to shuffle staff out of their comfort zone and into another position to accommodate our students. Liz will literally do anything asked on short notice, and she will do it with determination and a smile. “I’ll do anything you want as long as it benefits the kids,” is her motto. On a daily basis, Liz builds positive relationships with our students, works well with all faculty and staff, and aims to make Franklin Middle School a better place. She volunteers her time after school by attending concerts, sporting events, and other after-school events. Our mantra this year is “engage & build” meaning to engage with students and build relationships. That is her specialty! Liz is the perfect model for all staff with her warmth, dedication, and general caring for Franklin Middle School.