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Amy Lach, Franklin Middle School Teacher

Matt Chimera, Amy Lach & Sabatino Cimato

This is Amy’s 32nd year teaching in Ken-Ton. Currently she is the advisor for National Junior Honor Society and handles all of the functions associated with that position. Most importantly, Amy is a “kid magnet.” Her kindness, warmth, silliness, and love for her students and her job radiates from her, and her students love it. Not only is she an excellent instructor, it is her personality and her dedication to students that draws students and faculty toward her. Amy spends her days making connections with kids. She teachers with enthusiasm and allows every student to feel important in her class. She attends school functions, and sporting events, and she will invest her own time to attend other activities like dance recitals, and most recently a performance of the Nutcracker that features her students. Being warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring, may describe the best teachers in the world. If so, Amy is absolutely the best!