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Brittany Lis, Holmes Elementary School Special Education Teacher

Brittany Lis

Brittany Lis, Holmes Elementary School Special Education Teacher

Ms. Lis has been a special education teacher in the district for 9 years as well as being a volleyball coach at Kenmore West for 9 years. Ms. Lis exhibits the highest standards of professionalism and is a person of integrity. Brittany is one of our building technology liaisons and is constantly supporting students, parents, and staff in the building with the ever changing technology demands. Ms. Lis is a highly effective educator. She has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain rules and expectations that give her students the opportunity to find both behavioral and academic success. Ms. Lis is a teacher leader in the building as her colleagues turn to her for insight and best practice. Finally, Ms. Lis is respected by all because of her work ethic and her ability to put others first.

Ms. Lis’ colleagues had these things to say about her:

“Brittany comes to work daily with a smile on her face ready to meet her students' learning needs. She is self-reflective and is always adapting her classroom and instructional practice (Google Classroom as well as physical classroom at Holmes).”

“Ms. Lis is organized, caring, and compassionate. Her ability to differentiate for the kids is amazing and to be honest, she is one of the best teachers I’ve worked with in my 15 years.”