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Susan Sperrazza, Hoover Elementary School Social Worker

Susan Sperrazza, Hoover Elementary School Teacher

Susan Sperrazza, Hoover Elementary School Social Worker

Sue goes above and beyond in everything she does. She helped to start the Hoover Hoots at our building which is an amazing opportunity for our Hoover students to experience being part of a team and helping others in our Hoover community. She is a kind, generous, helpful person who teaches these skills to the Hoover Hoots and others by example. Sue Sperrazza does everything to meet the needs of all students in our school. She always offers to lend a helping hand to a student, staff member or family in need. Sue can be described as empathetic, selfless and driven. Sue is a member of several committees in our school and she works tirelessly to give our students and staff support in many areas. She gives her best to the Hoover community every day.