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Crossroads Academy Celebrates 1st Ever Graduating Class

On Tuesday, June 25th, the new Ken-Ton Crossroads Academy had a lot to celebrate as they recognized their 1st ever graduating class.

The new Crossroads Academy program was implemented in September with the aim of increasing the district's graduation rate and empowering more students to graduate on time. Led by KJS Assistant Principal Danielle Frye, the program is specially designed for those who are significantly short of the credits required to earn their diploma with a combination of in-person instruction and online credit recovery.

Thanks to the Crossroads Academy staff, a total of 13 students were able to meet graduation requirements and earn their diploma. Congratulations to the following: Deon Baker-Redmond, Alexa Ciccarelli, Caleb Cravak, Donny Crean II, Darius Daniels, Gary Kreiger III, John McCarthy, Christian Morath, Apollo Persons, Leilani Ramos, Jacob Santos, Christopher Schamber, and Kevin Steward. We're so proud of you!