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Hoover, Franklin Middle Schoolers Take Part in Civics Convention

Student presents in front of two teachers

Around 50 students from Hoover and Franklin Middle Schools recently took part in the Civics Convention, a yearly event for 7th graders in the enrichment class. The students spend several months preparing a paper and presentation about government issues that they want to address and fix in their community.

“The goal of the presentation is to start getting the students involved with issues that they would like to see changes within their community or country in the future,” said Kenmore East teacher Nicole Pauly-Rejewski. “We are also preparing the students for high school and the research skills they will need in classes that they will take at Kenmore East and Kenmore West.”

two students stand in front of their projects

Each student chose their own topic, as long as there was a government law that was tied to it. Once they picked their topic, they used library databases to research, create notes, and write a paper with a work cited list. They also made a poster board presentation that included solutions for their selected issues.

This is the third year of the Civics Convention. Every participant will acquire a point that can be used toward the six points required to earn a Seal of Civic Readiness distinction on their high school diploma.