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District Recognizes Student Artists, Art Teachers & Board Members

Student artists

Student artist

The annual Student Artist Reception and Board of Education Appreciation Night took place Tuesday, October 17th and this is always a very special night for the Ken-Ton School District. This event allows us to celebrate the talents of 10 student artists and their art teachers. It also gives us a chance to reflect on the importance of arts in education and recognize the dedicated service of our Board of Education. For this event, one student from each school is selected to have their artwork framed and proudly displayed in the Kenmore Junior/Senior High School Community Room for the next year. The students and art teachers are:

  • Arianna Lindner, Edison Elementary (Teacher – Wendy Yiengst): “Beach Please!”
  • Sophia Baker, Franklin Elementary, now at Franklin Middle (Teacher – Andrea Spoth): “Mandala”
  • Lin Let Phone, Holmes Elementary (Teacher – Diane Schaefer): “Three Apples”
  • Joseph Gray, Hoover Elementary (Teacher – Jennifer Lynch): “Flower Vase”
  • Aoife Nixon, Lindbergh Elementary (Teacher – Linsey Buchlis): “Ming Vase”
  • Farah Elwaseem, Franklin Middle (Teacher – Lisa Mihelbergel): “Under The Sea”
  • Juniper Benson, Hoover Middle (Teacher – Jessica Indridson): “Wind Catcher”
  • Anna Ceranski, Big Picture Program (Teacher – Jennifer Leone): “The Hand That Helps”
  • Christine Cederman, Kenmore East High School (Teacher – Megan Sweeney): “Low-Poly Monkey”
  • Jenna Marshall, Kenmore West High School (Teacher – Veronica Michalek): “Boxing”

We hold this event each year during School Board Recognition Week, which is celebrated in communities across New York State to recognize and appreciate the volunteers who serve on boards of education. In Ken-Ton, the school district is governed by five trustees who volunteer their time to serve the students of the district: Board President Matthew Chimera, Board Vice President Todd Marquardt, Trustee Paul Spors, Trustee Karen Whitelaw, and Trustee Lee Ann Vogt.

Student artists & board members

Artwork by two students was selected to be duplicated, framed, and presented to each Board of Education member as a token of gratitude for their service. These students were Lin Let Phone and Anna Ceranski.